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Reefer Container Curtains

Premium PE curtains for controlled atmosphere in reefer containers

Crafted for durability and reliability throughout the transportation journey.
Produced from cutting-edge materials, providing high puncture and tear resistance.
Utilizing an assembly line and center mark to allow for easy and effective installation.
Eco-friendly as it is produced from recyclable materials.

Ribbon Tape

Custom engineered tape for easy installation of curtains

Secure and tight fit ribbons contribute to an efficient sealing system.
Specially designed for a hassle-free setup process and effective sealing.

Installation Tools

Essential tools for seamless curtain and ribbon installation

Optional comprehensive kit with C-clips for preliminary attachment of the curtain and specialized tool for easy assembly of securing ribbon.
Facilitates efficient deployment of our sealing solution for optimal results.
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Environmentally Friendly

Our fully recyclable PE materials reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.
Materials used for production are not only recyclable but also actively enhance the recycling process, contributing positively to a sustainable future.

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