About Dantec

Welcome to DANTEC Systems, a small yet dynamically growing service and production company. We specialize in business consulting and interim management, particularly in the production sector. Our expertise primarily extends to plastics processing, the packaging industry, and logistics. Our goal is to support companies at every stage of their development, from creating new production facilities and relocating plants to streamlining production processes and automation.

With our extensive experience and broad industry knowledge, we offer comprehensive services that deliver real benefits. We work with diverse companies, helping them achieve better results, optimize resources, and increase operational efficiency.

Our Strengths

Personalized Approach: Every project is unique to us. We thoroughly analyze our clients’ needs to propose solutions that best fit their specific requirements.
Experience: We have extensive experience in various industry sectors, including plastics processing, packaging, and logistics, allowing us to act quickly and effectively.
Innovation: We constantly seek new, innovative solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the competition.
Comprehensiveness: We offer a full range of services, from strategic consulting to project management, training, and implementation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support production companies in reaching their full potential. We believe that every company can operate more efficiently, produce more with lower costs, and introduce innovations that change the market. Through our work, we aim to make our clients leaders in their industries, achieving lasting success.

Our Most Recent Projects:

Curtains for Controlled Atmosphere Reefers

Development and implementation of a new version of the Controlled Atmosphere (CA) curtain:

We created a product characterized by significant savings in production costs, transport costs, and application time due to the reduced curtain installation time. Unlike the previous version, the new product is fully recyclable.

Photovoltaic Industry

Development of new production technology and launch of pilot production of floats for floating photovoltaic farms:

For one of the leaders in this industry, we reduced the amount of raw materials used in production by more than 35%. We improved the production process while increasing the product’s durability.

Injection Moulding Industry

Development and execution of a comprehensive plan for the launch of the injection molding production.

We developed and implemented production process automation, production supervision, and reporting standards. We also conducted staff training in production management and the „continuous improvement” approach.

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Core Values

Integrity, innovation, and sustainability drive our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At DANTEC Systems, we combine knowledge, experience, and passion to deliver solutions that truly work. Our approach, based on collaboration and understanding our clients’ needs, makes us a trusted business partner for many companies. With us, you’ll achieve more, faster, and more effectively.


We prioritize the highest standards of performance and reliability in all our products.


Our fully recyclable PE materials reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.


We empower our customers with user-friendly tools and comprehensive kits, allowing for streamlined operations and optimal results.

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